Frontier of Extraction and Recycling Technology of Precious Metals

(The 5th KIKINZOKU Symposium)
Date : January 12 (Fri), 2018
Place: Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo

A special joint symposium entitled “Frontier of Extraction and Recycling Technology for Precious Metals (The 5th KIKINZOKU Symposium)” was held by the JX Metals Endowed Unit, IRCSEM, and Rare Metal Workshop on January 12, 2018. The seminar began with opening remarks by Prof. Masafumi Maeda. Includes 7 presentations given by the lecturers from industries and academia including a foreign company and Prof. Tsuyoshi Minami at IIS. About 250 people, primarily from the non-ferrous and recycling industries, attended this symposium and enjoyed a lively discussion. After the lectures, a social gathering was held and further interaction among the participants were promoted.

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