The 11th Workshop on Reactive Metal Processing (RMW11)

The 11th Workshop on Reactive Metal Processing (RMW11) was held from February 19 to 20, 2016, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA. The RMW, an annual workshop on material processing, is held in collaboration with industry members and universities worldwide, and has been jointly organized by Prof. Toru H. Okabe of IRSCM and Prof. Donald R. Sadoway of MIT since 2006. Since RMW10, Prof. Antoine Allanore of MIT (IRCSM Foreign Cooperative Researcher) has also participated as an organizer. Approximately 50 researchers from a number of countries, such as the USA, Canada, Norway, China, and Japan, attended this workhop.
During the two-day workshop, eminent professionals delivered presentations on topics of current interest, such as the production/recycle processing of rare metals and advanced battery materials, which are essential for a sustainable society. The participants also actively engaged in discussions. The RMW is a leading workhop facilitating international research activities in the field of reactive metal proceessing.