IIS-IRCSM Symposium
― Problems of Resource Recycling Aiming at 100 Years' Sustainability

The International Research Center for Sustainable Materials (IRCSM) Symposium on resource recycling and sustainable materials was held at the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), the University of Tokyo, on November 29, 2010. After opening remarks by Prof. Tomoya Yashiro, former Director of IIS, Prof. Masafumi Maeda, former Director of IRCSM conducted a plenary lecture on metal resources in Japan, followed by a talk by Prof. Kazuki Morita, then Director of IRCSM, explaining the purpose and activities of IRCSM. Subsequently, 11 lectures were given, including nine lectures by the members of IRCM, on various problems of resource circulation and its future prospects.

Prof. Tomonari Yashiro  Prof. Masafumi Maeda 

Prof. Tsuyoshi Adachi  Prof. Kazuki Morita 

Prof. Shuji Owada   Prof. Tadashi Watanabe

Prof. Kenji Sawada   Prof. Keiichi Edagawa

November 2010 at Tokyo