Sustainable Materials Processing Division
-Planning Concept and Strategy for the Construction of a Sustainable Society-

Developing environmentally sound/ultra-long life materials is the main scope. Both new process technology and estimation methodology are essential to achieve a highly sustainable society, which can be attained by extending the life of materials or by developing new recycling technology.

● Development of ultra-long-life materials and estimation methodology
● Atomistic optimization for extending materials life
● Process technology for hazardous chemicals
● Optimization of waste treatment of huge mass structural materials
● Establishment of recycling technology and a system for valuable materials such as rare metals

Image of solidification refining process for solar grade Si using Si-Al solvent

Main members: Prof. K. Morita, Prof. T. H. Okabe, Assoc. Prof. T. Yoshikawa
        Visiting Prof. A. Shibayama