Mineral Economics Division
-Evaluation of Sustainability for Resources Supply and Market-

Conducting an analysis of the sustainability of the supply-demand of mineral resources that considers the resources and their environmental restrictions is a significant research objective when trying to achieve a sustainable society. In addition, the rapid expansion of the demand for metal, especially in developing countries over the last several years, raises concerns about future resource supplies. Regarding issues related to the market, economics, and the environment in the resources lifecycle, studies contributing to the sustainable resources supply for Japan and the world are in progress. 

● Deriving an economic indicator and price model in the metal market
● Determining supply-chain and resources issues in the mineral industry
● Modeling of an extra-long term resources supply-demand
● Conducting a real option analysis for investment in resources development
● Determining the environmental impact indicator of mine development

Metal prices trends from 2000

Option pricing method for multistage investment of resources development

Main members: Visiting Prof. K. Sawada
        Prof. T. Adachi (Akita Univ.), Prof. T. Nishiyama (Kyoto Univ.)