Sustainable Iron- and Steelmaking Processes: SANO Symposium

The International Conference “Sustainable Iron- and Steelmaking Processes: SANO Symposium” was held from October 2 to 3, 2008, at Sanjo Conference Hall in the University of Tokyo. This conference was organized by IRCSM and was chaired by Prof. Masafumi Maeda (then Director General of IIS, former Director of IRCSM) and Prof. Kazuki Morita (then Deputy Director of IRCSM) in honor of Professor Nobuo Sano, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, and his long-term contribution to the progress of the iron- and steelmaking field. Twenty-seven invited papers were given with the objective of establishing iron- and steelmaking processes for a sustainable society. The topics ranged widely from basic physicochemical research to the newest technology development in the processes, and most of the top-ranking researchers gathered from around the world. The number of participants was 140, including 45 from abroad.

Prof. Nobuo Sano

Prof. Masafumi Maeda

Prof. Kazuki Morita

October 2008 at Tokyo