COSM-UT2-GMSI Workshop

Workshops of the cooperative research unit, the “Consortium on Sustainable Materials (COSM),” were held beginning in 2007. They are conducted every year, alternately at the University of Toronto and the University of Tokyo. These workshops are jointly held with the graduate student workshop organized by the departments of materials engineering of the University of Toronto and the University of Tokyo (UT2). From 2010, the global COE program “GMSI” at the University of Tokyo has joined in the workshops. Both universities conduct more than 10 presentations in the workshop and active discussions are held. Participants also enjoy several social gatherings including attending a major league baseball game, an outing to Niagara Falls when the workshop is held in Canada, and an excursion to Hakone and Asakusa in Japan. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for international exchange students, especially those who are young.

June 2010 at Hongo

June 2012 at IIS

June 2011 at Toronto